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Hindsight Imaging can develop software to suit your application, from scripting an off the shelf vision application to developing a full custom realtime vision system. With extensive experience of PC and embedded system software development Hindsight can solve your problem. We can also design appropriate hardware specifications using standard and custom electronics.


  • System architecture
    • Full system design from hardware interface to user
  • User interfaces
    • Clear easy to use GUIs
  • Vision algorithms
    • Bespoke algorithms to solve specific problems
    • Speed-optimised
    • Adapted to user API
  • Turn-key systems
    • Custom and off the shelf software integrated with hardware to provide a full-system solution
  • Real-time solutions
  • PC (Windows/Linux) & embedded platforms (e.g. DSP)
  • General software development


Implementing a vision system can be a daunting task. If you have a requirement for automated inspection, image enhancement or recording how do you know which equipment to use and which companies to work with. Hindsight Imaging can advise on the basic feasibility of your application, suggest possible solutions and recommend a shortlist of viable hardware.


  • Feasibility
    • Cut your time to installation and avoid costly dead ends by having a professional assesment of the feasibility of your project up front.
  • System design
    • How can you combine multiple inspection stations with a single GUI?
    • How much processing power do you need?
    • How will the system interact with the user and your plant?
  • Trouble shooting
    • If you have hit problems in implementing your vision system you may benefit from independent advice and hands-on assistance. Hindsight can help.
  • Product selection
    • Advice on choosing the right components, from cameras and frame grabbers to lighting and cables.
    • What is the best platform for your application, PC, smart camera, black-box vision processor?

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